I went to my dentist yesterday (the VERY , VERY,  BEST dentist in the whole world Dr. Sherri Wise) and she said to me as she was gazing into my mouth with a very sharp dental object… “I didn’t see the photos from Eden’s 1 year birthday on your blog ?! ”  scared as could be – I started disagreeing with her and saying they are posted, they are posted… but much to my dismay – I think I had only posted them on my facebook fanclub site not here on my blog for the world to see!!! my bad!

I’m sooooooooo SORRY to EDEN and Sherri and Guy! Here they are!!!



How delicious is she?!!!!!!   I just love her!





What a good looking family!  xoxo

So for all of you out there looking for a good dentist (and I know about 8 people have approached me so far asking for her info – so here it is!)

Dr. Sherri Wise and she is at Oakridge Center

Wise Dental Center
#320 – 650 West 41st Ave
South office tower
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 2M9

Phone: 604.261.8262
Fax: 604.261.1591
Email: info@wisedental.ca

Monday to Thursday 8-5
Friday and Sat 9-4

One of my BIGGEST fobia since I was a little girl was to go to the dentist.  Sherri has helped me overcome this fear. (Ok, I do ask her to bring Eden in when i am there and that makes me get through it too. 🙂  Seriously, call her if you are in need.  She is WONDERFUL!!!

Please tell them Eden’s photographer sent you over.  🙂 and remember to floss daily!!!!