I know y’all remember Maddy – I photographed her HERE in Vancouver this past August, well BIG CONGRATS go out to her!  This weekend – I was blessed to watch her WIN S.A.F.

(Please excuse the quality of these pics as they are video still/point and shoot grabs but here she is (her first award was for best costume)

and here she is winning it all (with a very excited coach cheering her on!!!!)

click here to see a few videos i took of her in the event (as I am learning to to balance, and I wasn’t “working” i didn’t bring my BIG gear… but video isn’t working – is it?! or is it a new path to my career…?!)

click here to see Maddy wins it all!!!

I feel so blessed to have met you, photographed you and got to share in your success yesterday!

Go for gold lady! You are such a shinging star!!! xoxo