Year: 2010

Wade + Danielle | Vancouver wedding photographer

I love the creativity my wonderful couples have – on this Vancouver wedding invite of my friends Danielle + Wade it said this: Bride: Danielle BrideGroom: Wade One of the bridegrooms shoes (left) should be left untied during the marriage ceremony “to prevent on the bridal night his being deprived of the power of loosening […]

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FIRE DANCING | Vancouver portrait photographer

Fire dancing (also known as “fire twirling,” “fire spinning,” “fire performance,” or “fire manipulation“) is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more bundles of wicking, which are soaked in fuel and ignited. Some of these disciplines are related to juggling or […]

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aloha | Hawaii portrait photographer

hello internets – this Vancouver portrait photographer is just checking in from Hawaii!!! WOW  – the things I have seen, photographed and experienced here have been incredible and surreal!  more to post… soon I kind of feel I’m on Fantasy Island with Mr. Roarke and Tatoo.. de plane, de place… aloha! contact me | weddings […]

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